The first Bobsleigh in Prague

For those in search for some adrenalin, here is the first bobsleight track in Prague. It not only
offers 1 km of high speed track with eight loops and other attractions, but the ride is absolutely safe and can be absolved by persons of any age, from the youngest to let’s say “older” and from tough to sensitive people. Children older then 8 can ride alone, smaller kids can ride accompanied by one of the parents (each trolley has two seats). The speed of the trolley can be adjusted using the break lever, or it will adapt by itself in case the speed gets too high.

Rides will be interesting not only by day, but also at sunset, when you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the illuminated city.

In the areal you will also find restaurants offering refreshments, complete menu and a nice selections of wines.

Prices valid from July 2005

Adults Mo-Fri …. 60 CZK Sa, Su …. 50 CZK
Children (up to 150 cm), students Mo-Fri …. 40 CZK Sa, Su …. 35 CZK
Children up to 3 years FREE !


Adults 3 rides Mo-Fri ….. 120 CZK Sa, Su 140 CZK
Children, students – 3 rides Mo-Fri ….. 80 CZK Sa, Su 100 CZK
Adults 6 rides Mo-Fri ….. 210 CZK Sa, Su 250 CZK
Children, students – 6 rides Mo-Fri ….. 140 CZK Sa, Su 175 CZK
Family – 10 rides Mo-Fri ….. 290 CZK Sa, Su 360 CZK

Opening hours:

10.00-22.00 summer seasons
12.00-20.00 winter seasons
10.00-22.00 Sat, Sun, State holidays


  • Prosecka street, Prague 9

Getting there:

  • Metro to Palmovka station (B line) and bus No. 187 or 233 to Kelerka stop.


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