The first spring flower

My first blog on Wow! I can hardly believe it! After half an year of hard work, lots of cups of coffee, head aches after the hours spent in front of this or some other computer, I can finally see some results. Ok, the project ( it’s not ready yet, there’s still lots of things to write about. After all, Prague is indeed a fantastic city.
No wonder there was some 18 billion finds in Google at the simple sentence “Prague Guide”. Ok, ok, many of then relate to the same webs, duplicates, and so on, so you could take out a billion or two, but anyway… Take out 17 billion and still the number outruns by far my imagination.

Me, I’m just another foreigner who happened to visit Prague and decided to move here (at least for my studies) and start a new life. By the way, I happen to remember my first visit in Prague. It was spring like now, maybe a bit warmer. It was Easter in Prague. Everything seemed so alive, so clean and peaceful, that I immediately fell in love with the place. A fairy tale city, I told to myself. Sunset on Charles Bridge, the blue mini Eiffel Tower (a.k.a. Observatory Tower) on Petrin hill at night, Prague chic cafés on the Old Town Square and all those taken away tourists just like myself…

Later on I became to know also the people here. They seemed cold and impersonal, everybody minding their own business, smiling far too seldom. And their language totally puzzled me, so rather don’t even mention it! But how are things now, after some three years or so?

Well, the Czech language is a perfectly nice language, really complex and interesting, it just keeps getting on my nerves when I don’t get the case right (they have 7 –seven!!!! cases in Czech, you know…). And the people, they are perfectly fine, some of them are my friends and we go out for a beer or meet at a “wine session” now and then. It just takes a while until one gets used to they life stile and mentality. As a foreigner, it seems I am always a bit exotic, so maybe that’s why is easier to get in contact and communicate with them.

Getting back to my first blog here, and what I’d wanted to tell you before losing myself in all those nice memories. Today I bought my first spring flower in Prague! It’s lying on the frame of my window, in front of my desk, inviting me out. It’s a fabulous spring day, parks are getting greener and greener each day, and I sit here, writing blog for…
Not that this isn’t interesting, but if you’re reading this, better do what I’ll do in the next few minutes: get out in the sun and enjoy the perfect spring afternoon!

Take my advice or not, for now I leave you explore for a second and I’m “outta here” :-)
Looking forward to meeting you again next time. Same place (’s bolg), different time.

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