The best time to visit Prague!

Since last week it was Easter and everything, and Prague was “attacked” by endless rivers of tourists, it made me think:” ...too bad it’s not May yet and the trees are not green and blossomed.“ Prague seemed still a bit gray and tired after the almost endless winter. Just a few days from that, everything seems to have exploded in a fantasy of colours and sunshine. It’s a pleasure to be here! This weekend it rained a bit, but still, seeing the face of Prague changing every day and sunbathing at 20 °C/ 68 F, I’m speechless, one just doesn’t know where to look next.

The beginning of May is maybe one of the best times to visit Prague. Hotels are not that booked (and maybe even a bit cheaper), the weather is not that hot as in the summer, museums are already open until late and mainly, the boom of fresh spring colours of the parks and streets is absolutely fantastic. And if in addition to that you count the fact that in May begins the Prague Spring, the famous music festival, you will definitely not get bored in Prague during your stay.

Getting back to the weather, the thing is a bit tricky… just like weather in general: you never know… For example, this half of the week the thermometer didn’t go below 20 °C/ 68 F, but surprisingly, starting from Friday it gets colder and colder, announcing hell of a cold weekend for this time (just when we were setting off for a weekend in the nature…:-(
Anyway, a few Celsius degrees more or less never killed anyone and a sweater is always welcomed. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at the 7 days weather forecast, just to know if to bring along an umbrella or not. Prague is fabulous even when it rains, you know :-)

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