Prague National Gallery

Yesterday I paid a visit to Sternberg Palace in Prague. It belongs to the patrimony of the National Gallery in Prague and me and two of my friends decided to visit it because of the famous paintings from the 15 th up to 17 th centuries it exhibits. And since it was the first Wednesday of the month, admission was free, which makes it even better. It took us something over two hours to explore the palace and even though afterwards I almost couldn’t feel my back and feet we all declared satisfied. The Magnum ice cream we had at the palace snack-bar also helped, of course :-).
Boy, museums can be tiresome sometimes. And it’s quite weird, since you basically don’t do anything besides moving yourself from one painting to the other. Maybe it’s the air, or just the concentration…
Anyway, have fun exploring Prague cultural sites and see you next time with a new Museum or Gallery experience on PragueNet Blog!

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