Spring and tradition

The Czech people burn witches on the last day of April. Actually it is the perfect reason to go somewhere out in the nature, buy loads of drinks and food, set the fire and grill tasteful sausages. Or set out with friends to some concert, where again draught beer and grilled sausages won’t be missing. The next day, 1 st of May, or the International Labor Day is another day for celebrations.
Besides the already mentioned beer and grilled bratwursts Czechs have a tradition a very much liked. Every girl and woman should be kissed under a bloomed cherry tree (but nowadays any bloomed tree whatsoever goes, too) so that she would not wither up during the year.
So, I got my kiss under a romantically blossomed cherry tree on Petrin Hill… If nothing else, at least that will keep me fresh and shiny for the rest of the year!
The commercial wester Valentine’s day might be cute, but this genuine old tradition has something of its own, much closer to my heart.

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