Legends of the Charles Bridge – Jan Nepomucky

Charles Bridge in the centre of Prague Just few weeks ago it was 650 years, when the fundamental stone of the most famous Prague monument – the Charles Bridge – was laid down. It happened exactly on 9 July 1357,
at 5:31 AM, during the early morning cockerow.

It´s founder and „father“, our most liberal sovereign Charles IV, Czech and Roman king, would be „in“ in our times. He believed that the exact time of birth is important for the whole destiny of the subject, it´s character and influence on the other world. He let the court astrologers count the best moment of the whole year. And a new bridge for Prague was really necessary, the former Judita´s bridge served out and was taken away by the flash flood.

This construction is connected with many legends, myths and stories, for which one whole library would not be enough. This time I would like to introduce you one legend related to the oldest sculpture of Jan Nepomucky.

This saint man was dropped in a wooden basket from the Charles Bridge into the Vltava river where he drowned just because he refused to give away a confessional secret. One of the king Charles´s wives was mistrusted of having a secret lover. She was going to Jan to the Brevnov monastery for a regular confessions, but he never revealed any secret he had heard in the confession. After his death it was possible to see five stars on the water level. These stars are now decorating his sculpture.

The statue of Jan Nepomucky on the Charles Bridge in Prague To give honour to his heroic act a white metal crucifix is situated on the bridge, on which visitors and tourists put their hands. They believe this place has a special power for those who touch it. You can try it as well !

This bridge (not only for the legends) has it´s soul. If you are wondering what it means for this construction full of stone to have a soul, try to go there at early morning, for example after your busy night in Prague. The best time to visit it is at about 6 or 7 AM, walk across the bridge, when the city is still sleeping, let the cool morning appeal on you,listen to splashing water and smell the crimpy scent of the river.

The bridge will talk to you silently, about his history and about the whole history of Prague, about the human power and the energy to pass the obstructions during the eternal history. The bridge has a deep soul…Charles IV made his choice well…

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