Famous Prague parks

Now, during nice and sunny days, the great thing to do is to take a walk in a lovely park. There are few of them in Prague and it is really worth it to go for a walk in one of them, to enjoy the fresh spring green of trees and grass and to admire different kinds of amazing blossoming flowers of various kinds and colors. Plus, you obviously do not need to walk all the time, you can take your bike, in-line skates, skate board or you can play some game in the park – whatever if it is a Frisbee or petangue. If you have kids, there are various playgrounds, which they should like. And if you are thirsty, in the best Czech parks there it is always close to a refreshment place where you can get your cold beer.

So which of Prague parks are the best? There is Stromovka – huge park, recently renovated. It was quite destroyed because of the flood, which was in Prague in the summer 2002. “Strom” means a tree in Czech language and there really are lots of trees, but there are also beds with flowers, water fountain, a lake with ducks… Stromovka was originally founded as a king´s hunting park, already in 1268, during the reign of Premysl Otaker II. In the turn of 15th and 16th century there was built a small castle, its today´s look comes from 19th century, where it was used as the summer residence of Czech vice-regents. But there are other interesting buildings in Stromovka, for example in 1961 was built here an astronomical observatory. But the park is mainly the favorite place, where Prague inhabitants spend their free time in the fresh air, surrounded by trees.

Not far from Stromovka is a park called Letenske sady (which in English means Letna Gardens). Here used to be a famous huge statue of the infamous dictator Stalin. Later was on this place put a huge statue of Metronome. And from the Metronome you can enjoy amazing view over Prague with Vltava River and all that amazing Prague towers, churches, palaces and other builidings. There are a lot of flowers planted in Letenske Sady, at this time exceed especially beautiful tulips of different shapes and colors. Plus, here is a popular beer garden with a beautiful view over Prague, or you can ask for beer in a plastic cap and enjoy it while walking through park or on some of plenty benches.

But probably the most famous of Prague parks are Petrinske Sady (Petrin Gardens) – according to the tradition, the ideal place for lovers. There is even a statue of their “patron” – a Czech poet Karel Hynek Macha, an author of very well-known poem Maj (May), which is an obligatory reading in almost all Czech high schools´ literature lessons. In Petrin is also a beautiful Rose Garden and popular mirror maze, lookout tower, Stafanik´s observatory, Memorial to the victims of Communism. And if you do not want to climb up on the Petrin hill, you can use Petrin funicular, a special mean of Prague public transport.

Those mentioned above are obviously not the only Prague parks, but are definitely the most famous. But maybe you will also like to discover other ones, for example Riegrovy sady with beer garden popular among Prague ex-pats.

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