Summer holidays just started!

On Friday started summer holidays for most of Czech students of basic and high schools. As a school year in the Czech Republic officially finishes 30th of June every year, this time most of school directors decided not to wait until Monday 30th and finished already on Friday 27th, so students have their holidays a little bit longer. As well as their teachers. Now they can enjoy full two months of summer holidays – July and August.

On Friday they got their school reports: in the Czech Republic is used five degrees marking system – students‘ achievements in particular subjects are classified by marks from one to five. One (excellent) is the best mark, while five means failed and student has to repair it at the end of holidays. It is a customary that for their last day of school year students dress well, but lately this custom is often being abandoned. But what stays is a custom to bring some flowers to the teacher (most of Czech teachers, especially at basic schools are female), eventually good chocolate. When teacher gives a report to the student, she/he gets the flowers. And on the afternoon many parents take their kids for ice cream or give them some presents, often also money as a reward for good schoolwork during the year. And then they can go for holidays, although most of high school students also take some summer work to earn some money for their personal expenses.

During summer holidays, some trams and bus schedules are changed, the buses and trams do not have to go so often as during the school year. But there should be a notice on the tram/bus stop.
And after the holidays, school officially starts on 1st of September, which is on Monday this year.

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