The Dancer of the Year 2008

break dance Prague club Roxy is hosting a great dancing competition Dancer of the Year 2008. Roxy club is conveniently situated at Dlouha street 33 near the Old Town Square. The Dancer of the Year is a competition in the contemporary modern dances such as hip hop, break dance and funk. Roxy is hosting the final round of this contest. If you visit this extraordinary event, you will be able to see the performances of the best dancers in the category of streetdance and breakdance.

The Dancer of the Year is taking place on March 6, 2008 at 19 in Roxy and it is the best opportunity for you to see awesome street style dancing. Juries attending the contest are American dancer and choreographer Jonté from NY, Vincent Vianen from Amsterdam, Nobru from Rio de Janeiro and Yemi AD. The winner of this contest will win great prices such as the journey to the dancing workshop in NY. This is a great opportunity for you to see the best street dancing in Prague. Don’t miss it!

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