Pauker's Delicatessen in Prague

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Delicacies from all around the world, as well as well-tried out recipes, which during the First Republic attracted such stars as Hugo Haas and Adina Mandlova, offers the newly re-opened delicacies shop of Jan Paukert. The history of the famous shop goes back to 1916, when it was founded by Jan and Stepanka Paukert.

Czechoslovakia has seen many battles since that time and many things changes, but at least some good things are rooted so deep it is hard to destroy. The son of the founders came back to hte very shop and participated on the re-opening. He re-opened it regardless he has already celebrated his 90th birthday.

The renewed enterprise wants to attract its customers mainly by traditional pieces of Czech delicacies; sandwiches, salads, quality Czech smoked dishes or handmade kremrole – cream rolls. Beside reintroducing old Czech recipes the shop also sells top European delicacies like Italian salamis and hams, French cheese or foie gras.

Paukert junior comments their food selection: “Today, the folks wouldn’t eat specialities of the First Republic, for example the roll, which is made by a turkey, into which is put a goose, into which is put a quail.”

In 1938 the father and son Paukert hid a treasure before Hitler. They walled up one thousand two hundred bottles of the best cognacs and liqueurs. Those survived not only Hitler but also the communists in their hiding, and a part of the collection can be also bought in the very shop. The value of the collection is almost incalculable.

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