Where to go for a tee or coffee break

Cozy cafe on the bank of the Vltava Cafés (“Kavarna“) can be found basically everywhere in Prague.
They exist in many varieties. They range from gastronomic jewels attracting to home-made sweets, decently dressed personnel and period music, but there are also those very elegant places with prices comparable to the west European ones, also there are places like Starbucks, offering coffee in paper cups with a plastic spoon.

Renowned premises return to the centre, betting on the shine of the First Republic. We can’t do other than to recommend Mysak Gallery, which is an extraordinary place where tradition means everything, and you won’t be disappointed. The second of the kind is Pauker’s Delicatessen.

The place where past joints hands with present is Café Slavia, the most famous Prague cafeteria. The marble tables there has been a meeting point of artists since 1881. The famous Painting ‘Absinthe Drinker’ is set in Slavia. Do you want to have a coffee, and look at Prague Castle? Go to Slavia.

Large shopping malls are often the host of new fast-food premises, this time not offering foods, but coffee. They aim not only for shopping centres, but also for libraries and other public places.

Cafés can be noisy, crowded, on the main streets, or privy and cosy, with candle-light atmosphere. The list of the best Cafés in Prague is here.

Closer to the second category are Tearooms (“Cajovna“), usually exotic oasis in the very heart of the old city, where you can enjoy a pipe or cream coffee and different teas from afar.

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