Christmas Traditions

Silent night It is a bit strange how Czechs love and follow most of the Christmas traditions although many Czechs do not profess a religion. Since Christmas have Christian roots, one could easily jump into conclusion when watching the Czech people around Christmas time that the whole country is very religious. However, the opposite is true.

Nevertheless, everybody just loves Christmas! Even Czech atheists. Czech Christmas are accompanied with many nice traditions that are still alive. You can see it on your own eyes for example on the Old Town Square. There is a big Bethlehem manger scene – little baby Jesus with his parents in a barn. Little version of this scene is in all Czech flats on the Christmas Eve, no matter if you believe in God or not. It just belongs to Christmas.

Another tradition that belongs to Christmas is cutting few branches of a fruit tree on December 5th and bringing them home. If those branches come into flower on the Christmas Eve it means that a girl in the family will get married within a year. My branches usually bloom too soon! But maybe this year, who knows.

My favorite tradition is the one connected with the Christmas Eve dinner. Czechs eat carp, not turkey or anything else, but fried carp. When preparing the food you have to clean it from fish-scales and that is when Czech tradition comes in hand. If you put one clean fish-scale into your wallet it should bring you more money into your wallet in the new year. I am practicing this one every year. I have to say I am more or less successful.

And one great tradition for all who suffer from diabetes – Czechs bake tons of special sweets all December long. Then finally on Christmas Eve you serve it on a nice plate and eat it while opening the presents. It is really great!! Then of course your New Year’s resolution is to lose all the extra weight you just gained!

What will be your resolution?

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