End to Unpleasant Aspects of Prague?

Tram in Prague-Barrandov Do you wonder how Prague can possibly be unpleasant? Well, very easily. At least for me it is every winter season when it gets cold outside. Every year, when the temperature forces me to wear winter jacket and a scarf, I know it is coming. At this time I hate to use trams! And the time is here again!

Why I hate driving by trams right now? You have probably noticed yourself. When it’s cold outside you can come across homeless people in trams. It is understandable – they have nowhere else to go to warm up. They usually go by trams because in subways there is the chance you meet a controller face to face much higher than in a tram. Controllers don’t like black riders in general, and homeless people are no exception. You don’t encounter many controllers when driving by bus, but buses are very short and bus drivers can therefore pay attention to who is on board. That is why homeless people are mostly seen in trams.

Tram stop in Prague I feel sad for them in a way. It has to be terrible to have no place to go, no place to call your home. I can’t even imagine it!! And I don’t mind that they don’t pay for the ride. They don’t have enough money for that. On the other hand I don’t like to drive with them in a tram because they usually smell very bad. I know it is stupid from me because they don’t have many opportunities to wash themselves but I just don’t like it.

However, there is a great chance that all this will be solved in a very near future. Municipal authorities of Prague are working on a boat that will anchor on Vltava river and will serve as a permanent home for homeless people in Prague. It will not only provide a higher comfort of living for them but will help them to return to “normal” society as well. This boat should be running from this very winter 2006, latest in January 2007. Now that I call a great idea!!

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