Skyscrapers in Pankrac

Possible new buildings in Prague-Pankrac [visualization:ECM] The Ministry of Culture permited construction of two new high-rise buildings in Prague Pankrac. Skyscrapers will cost 2,5 milliard CZK and should be built in three years. One building will be a flat-building City Epoque and the second will be a hotel Epoque. Both buildings are a part of the City project of the value of 8 milliard CZK. Thirty–floor residence building City Epoque which will reach the height 104 metres will offer 150 flats. In four-star hotel Epoque there will be more than 300 apartments. Every building will have 320 parking places.

But some arguments against this project occured. UNESCO expressed serious disquietude in July this year. This is the first step before striking Prague’s historical centre off the UNESCO list. After this step registration of the city to the list of threatened monuments might follow which may finally lead to striking the monuments off the UNESCO list. Prague has the term until 1st February from UNESCO. During this time the project should be reconsidered and a study, which will guarantee the protection of the historical heritage of the city, should be made.

Prague replies partially to the critique of UNESCO. A study which difines maximum height of building for each part of the city is currently being made.

And what is the opinion of Prague inhabitants? Some of them agree with conservationists and with UNESCO. They think these buildings will destroy the integrity of historical Prague and they see the loss of Preservation of Monuments Movement. But on the other hand some of them do not see any problem in this project. They say that this place is out of Prague historical centre and in the direction of Pankrac there are other skyscrapers. These buldings only help improve the view of Pankrac and Prague needs modern architecture as opposite to the Old Prague. Everybody has one’s own opinion. So it is up to you which attitude you choose.

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