Music in the park festival in Prague Stromovka park

There aren’t so many big music festivals in the Prague. This year there is only one with the three years tradition and two new actions, which would like to begin a tradition. The old one is called United islands of the Prague, the second is called Love Planet and the last, which went ahead July 22, 2006 and one about which I would like to tell you is called Music in the park.

The festival was performed in the Prague Park called Stromovka, it cost from the 350 crowns in the advance booking to the 500 crowns. Its the biggest star, Sinéad O’Connor didn’t performed because of illness. There were few who wanted to return their money because of that, but the organisers just tell that it is not hers concert but festival. For theirs honour I must say, that it wasn’t just the empty words.

Little problem happened just while entering. There weren’t allowed any bottles (even PET) with water and also any food. The water wasn’t problem, though was very hot and warm, because there was a cistern with fresh water. The food was worse, because one hot dog cost 30 crowns and anything else at least 45. The menu of the food and drinks was quite big. There were cheese in the buns, meat sausages, fried corn and stuff like that, also for drinking there was wide menu of non-alcoholic drinks, same as beer, something stronger and also cocktails.

But now about the program. Quite frustration became from the absence of Sinéad, but still people were looking for the interesting music experience. The festival itself was oriented on the jazz and blues music. The first performer was David Murphy band, who played some pleasant songs for listening and after him played one of the most honoured Czech classic rock player Vladimír Mišík and ETC. These two bands were only for the beginning and to prepare listeners for the next ride. After them begin to play one of the most talented young guitar player of theses days Tyler Dow with his band and it was really great to listen his solos and to watch his finger running over the guitar neck. After him played another Czech legend and one of ours greatest guitar player Radim Hladík and his Blue effect and followed a list of great interprets with their songs, but the top of the afternoon and evening begin in the 20:00 by the Blind boys of Alabama, the group of blind black singers of gospels. Their show was a great experience even some of them was really tired on the end though they attended song for their fans. The end of this great action belonged to one of the best funky player Maceo Parker and it could be seen that he really understand to his instrument (sax). He and his band, composed of the masters of their instruments make people dancing and moving till the end of this great fest.

This festival really worth 500 crowns and if the tradition will continue next year and you like good music and will have a way over the Czech republic, make sure you don’t miss it.

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