Back in the game!

Well, with the world championship going on all Europe (and I guess the entire world) seems to have gone crazy for football. If you take me, for instance, out of a football ignorant (except for real important games I didn’t even know it existed), I became really interested in it and even read the sports column in the papers to see who and where the action is.

Back to Prague, apart from games projected on huge screens on Wenceslas and Old town Square you can also enjoy loads of actions. For example, Saturday 17th June was the Museums night, a huge cultural event organized by the city of Prague. A good advertising campaign, free entrance to Prague best museums and even the bus tour provided by the city public transport for the occasions played their roles and a huge number of art lovers took by assault the museums in Prague.

The action was overall appreciated and I just live with a bit of regret I missed the Museum Night because of one exam. But that’s life, you win something and lose something else in exchange (or that what they tell me…). Anyway, I look forward to next year, when hopefully I will be able to attend Museum Night in person and I won’t have to read about it in the newspapers…

With a bit of regret, but with the WC2006 to cheer me up I finish this for tonight and promise to tell you more about the United Islands of Prague Music Festival going on this days in the city of one hundred spires.

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