Prague for a dime

It’s been a while since I didn’t get to write anything for or blog… Exams period, a new job and spring in Prague is a bit too much to handle. I finally have some free hours, so thought I too a look at Prgue blog and give you folks some tips on Prague transport system.
These days some friends from home came to visit Prague and they were really impressed with the public transport system here. Come to think of it, who wouldn’t?
Just imagine: underground, tram and bus stations where you can see exactly when the tram, bus or train arrives, how much it takes to get to your next destination and everything just for a few crowns! Yes, if you compare it to the taxi prices it’s almost for free.

And almost forgot… everything is on the web, on a program where you just state the station you are departing from, the station you want to get to and time. The program tells you the connections, the time it takes, number of km and price. Wonderful…
But if you want to make it even more efficient, just by on the first day a short-term ticket (according to the length of your stay: one, three, seven days), validate it the first time you get on a means of public transport and you won’t have to worry about buying tickets any more…
Maybe it’s good to know that the public transport system works also by night. The normal, day links are functional until midnight.

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