Nerudova Street in Prague

Nerudova street Nerudova street (Nerudova ulice) is a picturesque street leading up to Prague Castle. In this steep street you can find many restaurants, souvenir shops, embassies, but what’s most remarkable about this street are the house signs and the people that lived in that houses. Why house signs? The house numbers were introduced in Prague in 1770. Before that the houses were recognized by their signs and Nerudova street has a vast collection of them.

Nerudova street got its name after a famous Czech poet and journalist Jan Neruda who wrote many short stories about this Prague district. By the way, Pablo Neruda’s name was delivered from the name of this writer. Jan Neruda used to lived in this street between 1849 and 1857. He lived in the house At the Two Suns (no. 47) at the upper part of the street. The house sign belongs among the most beautiful ones… (read more)

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