Galleries & Exhibitions - your guide to the Prague's art scene

There’s no need to look hard to come across art in Prague. Often the galleries are so close to each other that you can “pick” one after another as you walk along, but it is also worth to visit those situated in untouristed areas.

The choice ranges from the established and well promoted institutions such as the National Gallery or The City Gallery Prague, numerous small commercial galleries to non-profit spaces for arts and events housed in former factories and industrial sites like the Futura Centre and the Karlin Studios. There are several venues dedicated to photography – the Langhans Gallery and the Prague House of Photography belong to the leading ones.

Many galleries also reside in historical buildings, so a contemporary art show surrounded by coarse walls of a medieval cellar may await you in the Czech Museum of Fine Arts or the Golden Rooster Gallery.

The Prague’s art scene gives you the opportunity to walk through a wide spectre of art, from classical canvases to multidisciplinary fusions of forms and it is definitely more than a challenge to squeeze all that in a one day trip.

Many galleries and exhibitions may be closed on Mondays and state holidays, but again, it depends on the galleries policy. Children, students, disabled benefit of discounts, so be sure to bring along any discount card you might possess.

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