Why Are Czechs Called Czechs And Not Anything Else?

Amazing view from Petrin Observation Tower History is, without any doubt, an important aspect of any nation and it’s self-awareness. And historical myths have even better impact because they are often better known than the facts. So let’s retell the two most popular Czech legends narrating how it all began. Once upon a time…

There were three brothers named Czech, Lech and Rus. One day, they decided to find for their tribes and themselves a new place to live, and so they all set out for a long journey across the Europe. After some days had passed, the brother Rus suddenly said. „This is the new home for me and my tribe!“ and so they stayed and founded Russia.

The two brothers and their tribes walked for many days, when they climbed up a hill that is now called Rip (Říp). There they had a wonderful view of the land that the forefather Czech called the „land of milk and honey“, and decided to settle here with his tribe.

To honour this great man, the people of his tribe started to call themselves Czechs. And they still do now. And brother Lech? He continued his journey with his people and settled in present-day Poland.

The Rip Hill is about 50 km north of Prague and you can see it from the Petrin tower at Petrin Hill. The Petrin tower, which is “Prague’s miniature Eiffel Tower”, is open from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. and costs 30 CZK. You get to see not only Rip Hill but also the whole city and it’s surroundings. It’s worth it!

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