What can you find on Christmas markets in Prague?

Have you already tried Staroceske trdlo? Christmas is nearly knocking on the door, that is without any doubt. One can tell! Even if I had no clue about the actual date today, I would know it just by looking around. In all shop windows there is Christmas decoration. This decoration I don’t like, however. I prefer the one on streets of Prague. To be more precise – on the squares.

On almost every Prague square there is a huge Christmas tree, which all children love, and sometimes a Christmas market as well.

You can find Christmas markets nearly on every big square – most favorite ones are on squares near subway stations Namesti Miru, Namesti Republiky, Andel, of course on Wenceslas Square and the nicest on Old Town Square. What can you buy there?

You can find there everything from Christmas decoration, scented candles, and mistletoe to typical Czech hand-made gifts such as Czech crystal, wooden toys, along with hot food and warm drinks.

When talking about food that is sold there, it is usually something sweet. And when talking about drinks, they are mostly alcoholic and warm since outdoor shopping is much nicer with something to get you warm. Most famous drinks are hot wine (svarak), grog and warm honey liquor (medovina)

Soak up the Christmas atmosphere!

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