Groupe Guma Guar: Collective identity Art project on the wall of Letenske sady

An interesting project was created by a group of Artists calling themselves “Groupe Guma Guar”. They call it Collective Identity and they hung it on the wall of park Letenske sady – which they now call Artwall Gallery. Art Wall Gallery is thus open 24 hours a day, for free, to anyone. Accessible for example from tram stop Nabrezi kapitana Jarose.

On the wall there are advertising posters-like looking pictures of some people. Maybe you do not know them, but they are important personas of Czech political or economical life. There is Pavel Bem, the Prague mayor or Victor Kozeny, the big defrauder, who stole lots of money during the privatization in early 1990´s and then left the country.

The group states, that by their project, they want to point on the problematic of “manufacturing consent” in a so called democratic society, when public attitudes are corrected by public relations so they would be good for the government and for economic elites close to the government. Guma Guar tries to show that is more then problematic to use for such purposes public money of tax payers.

One of such problematic “manufacturing consent” was the campaign for the Olympic games in Prague in 2016, called “Vsichni jsme v narodnim tymu” (We all are in the national team). That what now hang on the Letenske sady wall is a parody on it, if we are all in the national team, is the defrauder Victor Kozeny also there then?

Quite well done project should give us a notice that there should be some public discussion over “manufacturing consent” practiced in our contemporary society.

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