The Revealed – Gorillas in Prague Zoo

Have you visited the Prague Zoo already? If yes, you have probably noticed one of its prides – the gorillas. And if you have not been there yet, you should know, that the place is definitely worth of a visit.

gorilla tatu There are six gorillas. One male called Richard, three females named Shinda (which is Svahili name and could be translated as Victorious), Kijivu (again Svahili name, means Grey) and Kamba. And two young ones – a girl called Moja (means One) and Tatu (means Third). Moja was for almost one year thought to be a boy, because she was protected with her mother so no one could have checked, if she was a girl or a boy, and now it is the same with the youngest Tatu, who was born at the end of May 2007.

In November 2005 a very interesting multimedia project started, the Prague Zoo prepared it together with the Czech Television and the Czech Radio, it is called “The Revealed”, and it had three main aims: to show to the wide public successes which the Zoo has made with breeding gorillas, to help to raise some money for protecting highly endangered gorillas who live in the free nature and to offer more meaningful alternative to reality shows as Big Brother, which emerged in the commercial TV that time.

The project was very successful and popular among the wide public, it even won a Panda Award at Wild Screen Festival in Bristol, which is the most prestigious award for films about nature. It also helped to attract more visitors to the Zoo itself. So the project goes on until now.

So if you want to see what gorillas in the Zoo are doing right now, you can check the website of the Czech Radio, where you can also find more information about the project, some of them are in English:

Or you can go directly to the website of the Zoo: It can easily happen, that after watching those gorillas online, you will feel like seeing them life.

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