Whom to ask for a help in streets of Prague?

People in Prague Charles Bridge As a tourist in a foreign city you may come into a situation where you will need help but your clever guidebook will stay silent and your mother will be miles away. What to do then? Well, first of all, don’t panic! You can solve this on your own. Just ask a local!

How easy you may say, however, not every Praguer know your native language. Unless you can speak Czech, this may cause huge misunderstanding on both sides! But don’t worry, you should pretty much always succeed with English. It is just the question of whom you ask.

The safest pick is of course the policeman. Unfortunately, not every policeman speaks English or other foreign language. They should, however the reality is some place else.

Students are always a good choice. English is taught nearly at every school or university in Prague. And it should be fresh in their heads. Don’t be afraid to speak to those 15 years old and up – their English should be sufficient. University students are a strike home.

Crowded Charles Bridge Praguers in their thirtieths and fortieths should be able to help you too. However, don’t forget that for forty years, during the communist era, English was not the language number one to be taught in the Czech Republic. It was Russian.

So, what is the conclusion? Don’t be afraid to talk to Czechs, they are usually happy and ready to help a polite tourist. When asking a question, try to slow down and not use slang. It is always good to have a map on hand when asking for a direction.

If English is not working, try other languages. And if you can’t find a language that both of you understand, try to „talk“ like a mime – that is the universal language of all.

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