Watch your belongings!

I have just been an unintentional witness of a horrific scene, a crime scene, and I feel that I must tell you all about it. Ok, ok, I do exaggerate a bit, there was no blood what so ever and I think that no police was involved. But still, I was pretty shocked and I really felt terrible, for those who were the main actors in the play. Do you want to know what happened?

So, I was waiting peacefully for the tram at Hlavni nadrazi station (Main Railway station in English). The weather was beautiful, sun was shinning, birds were singing… Well, not really, but you know what I mean. It was a nice winter day with the Christmas atmosphere all around you. And then, quite unexpectedly, a man rushed out of a tram from the other direction. He ran very quickly for few seconds and then, surprisingly enough, he stopped immediately. He seemed very confused. He was looking for someone that is for sure, but that someone was gone. His confusion quickly turned into a deep sadness. Plus, it was obvious that he did not know what to do. Then, a woman and a boy, probably his wife and son, joint him. They all stood there, looking around. How terribly sad!

I sooooo wanted to help but it was obvious that my help came too late anyway. I think none of us has to be Columbo to see that this poor man was robbed. So please, pay an extra attention to all your things, especially valuable things. It’s Christmas time which means a harvest for all pickpockets. They are usually well-trained and organized groups from Eastern Europe. They misuse the hectic period of Advent.

So, every time you find yourself in a crowded space, especially in public transportations, near Christmas markets or tourist areas, guard your belongings! It is worth it to be little paranoid and suspicious than without money, passport or other needed things.

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