Christmas in Prague

Christmas atmosphere in Prague Prague is beautiful during Christmas season, don’t you think? Streets are decorated with Christmas lights, Christmas trees stand proudly on Prague’s squares, you can hear Christmas songs here and there, and Christmas markets invite you to try the traditional hot wine, called Svarak in Czech, which goes so well with the cold weather and completes the whole scene.

I just love those little walks round Christmas Prague. Everything is so bright and peaceful if you put aside the crowds you bump into on nearly every step. But even those people you see everywhere now look somehow happier or relaxed, which is quite unusual for Czechs one may think.

Of course I am not talking about people you meet in supermarkets. Those people are even more irritated than usual because they are on a hunt for Christmas presents. Don’t you dare to cross their way!! For those poor people the word Christmas is not connected with time of peace and happiness, for them it’s only stress and stress and even more stress. I hope you don’t belong to those people!

Just look around you! Prague is so beautiful when dressed in Christmas robe. And it doesn’t necessarily have to snow. One can’t be mad at people if he or she sees the beauty of it.

The most magnificent in the time of Christmas is the Old Town Square, of course! Especially after last weekend when the main Christmas tree in Prague was lighten up by the mayor of Prague. It is worth seeing and the hot wine is worth trying!! Trust me, you will not regret it!

But if you find you have enough of all the Christmas craziness, I have bad news for you – you can’t hide from it. Prague is and will be full of Christmas till the end of this year! So my advice to you is, take some more hot wines or grogs, which is hot tea with rum, and you will soon love it too!! Merry Christmas!

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