The Suicide Bridge in Prague

Nuselsky bridge in Prague [archiv] Yes, there is such a bridge in Prague. What a lovely name for a bridge, isn’t it? Well, actually, this bridge has a different name, but not many people use it – Nuselsky most. Everyone calls it The Suicide Bridge instead. Why? I am sure you can derive it yourself…

Nuselsky most is one of the Czech capital’s most important bridges. It provides almost key connection of certain Prague’s districts, plus it carries the underground (red line C). From the architect’s point of view, it is said to be a really extraordinary structure. Unfortunately, I do not understand much of it, but what I have been told is that this bridge was a kind of experiment at that time. If I am well informed, in the world there is just one bridge built in the same way which is still standing. Hmm, is this a good thing or bad thing? I wonder…

The bridge is really fascinating – built in the 70s, is almost half a kilometer long, forty meters high above the ground, overlooking a nice valley, made out of tons of concrete, with the subway running inside. Cool, right? But!

Magnet for suicides

Because of its height, the bridge has been from the very beginning like a magnet for Czech self-murderers. One is clear – the bridge is high enough to ensure the jumper a successful suicide. That is not a nice promotion, is it?

There is no real statistics about the suicides from this bridge. The number is estimated at 300 men since the bridge was completed in 1973 up to now.

Of course there have been attempts in the past to stop the suicides by building up barriers. However, those barriers have proved ineffective – those who wanted to jump down only climbed over them.

High barriers

Nevertheless, new attempt is here and this time it might actually work. Higher barriers have been erected but this time they are curved inward (meaning towards the road). What is more, the top part is made out of a smooth metal (instead of a net) so that it should be impossible for the jumper-wannabe to overcome them – he/she will have nothing to hold on to and get over. The new system has been tested by experienced rock climbers, and – wait to hear this – they couldn’t get over it!

So maybe a new brighter era is to come for the bridge. I hope so, as well as those who live under the bridge.

You can visit this unordinary sightseeing, but please do not try to be the first to overcome the new barriers. Keep in mind those who live under the bridge in a continuous fear that someone might “land” just in front of them. The Suicide Bridge is right next to the subway station Vysehrad (red line C).

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