The Trojan Horse in Prague

Trojan Horse in Prague The Trojan Horse is part of a myth surrounding the Trojan War which took place long long time ago. It was a really long war for nothing else but a woman, of course. And this war that I don’t know much about was put to an end thanks to the Trojan Horse.

The Trojan Horse served as a great trap. The Greeks gave a giant wooden horse to their foes, the Trojans, as a peace offering. But after the Trojans drag the horse inside their city walls and celebrated their “victory”, Greek soldiers sneaked out of the horse’s hollow belly and opened the city gates, allowing their compatriots to pour in and capture the Troy.

And this Trojan Horse is now in Prague, to be more precise on one of Prague’s islands – Cisarsky ostrov. No, it is not the original wooden horse but a replica. Nobody really knows how the Trojan Horse looked like.

Czech sculptor Ivan Nacvalac was working on his Trojan Horse with the help of his sons and friends five months. The wooden horse is made out of 12 cubic meters of pine-wood, is almost 10 meters high, 12 meters long and weights 6,5 tons. And it may be to your surprise that it is still movable.

The Trojan Horse serves as a gallery and entrance is free of charge.

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