Old Town Water Tower by the Vltava river

Old Town Water Tower Standing on one of the bridges before the Charles Bridge or sailing on the Vltava River, you’ll definitely notice Old Town Water Tower (Staromestska vodarna) on the right bank of the river on the place called Novotny Footbridge (Novetneho lavka). Old Town Water Tower used to supply the Old Town’s fountains with water, even though it had to ‘struggle for its existence’ several times during its long history.

The first records about the tower (originally made of wood) date back to the beginning of the 15th century. As the workers in the tower used to use open fire to melt frozen water in the pipes during winter, the tower has been damaged by fire many times. But fire was not the only element the tower had to fight against. The others were floods and icebergs as well as attacks by foreign intruders… (read more

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