Statues on Charles Bridge

The alley of 30 Baroque statues (most of them) and statuaries situated on the balustrade forms a unique connection of artistic harmony with the underlying Gothic bridge.

St. Norbert, St. Wenceslas and St. Sigismund Most sculptures were erected between 1683 and 1714. They represent various saints and patron saints worshipped at that time. The most prominent Bohemian sculptors of the time took part on decorating the bridge, such as: Matthias Braun, Jan Brokoff and his sons Michael Joseph and Ferdinand Maximilian.
Among the most notable sculptures, one can find the statuaries of St. Luthgard, St. Crucifix or St. John of Nepomuk.
17th Century Crucifix
It is said that touching the statue of St. John of Nepomuk will make one wish come true. That is why nowadays parts of the statue are polished and look shiny from countless hands that have touched then with hope along many years.

Starting from 1965, all of the statues have been systematically replaced by replicas and the originals have been exhibited in the Lapidary of the National Museum.

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