Budejovicky Budvar

Budejovicky Budvar is a state brewery placed on the south of the Czech Republic, best known for their brew called Budejovicky Budvar in the Czech republic, Budweiser Budvar in European Union, Czechvar in the United States and Canada, in the rest of the world either Budweiser Budvar or Budějovický Budvar.

The Czech Brewery in Budejovice, which was named Budweiser by the Germans, was founded in 1895. Anheuser-Busch founded his American label Budweiser in 1876. Those two breweries fight for the Budweiser label and its variations for over a hundred years. Most of the disputes, however, were in the recent year, when Budvar increased export.

Budvar is the third largest Czech beer producer and the last state brewery. Almost a half of the Budejovicky Budvar production is exported into more than 50 countries of all the continents. In 2008, the yearly production of the house was 1 253 000 hectolitres.

Since three companies had or have trademarks for the name “Budweiser”, they have been party to many lawsuits in a number of countries. Because of such disputes, Budvar is sold in the United States and Canada under the label Czechvar.

The most valuable item in possession of Budvar is the label Budweiser Budvar, having, according to previous estimates, value of billion dollars.

What makes Budejovicky Budvar so special? The Brewery lives according to its tradition, the process practically haven’t changed from the original way of brewing. Also, the raw materials are used without any artificial ingredients. Water used is from 300m artesian wells, contributing to the characteristic taste of the beer. Malt is the base material, grown at Moravia, which means it is one of the best in the world. Hops, the spice of the beer, are grown in Zatec, again the top enterprise in hops production.

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