Exhibition of Phone Booths

It seems that phone booths are pretty much dead in the 21st century. Sad? Maybe, but that is called progress, my friend. Just think about it – when was the last time you used a phone booth? I can’t even remember. Can you? And I am one of those whose memory works well.

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone or two to call from when in need of a conversation. Whether that is a good or bad thing, I leave up to you. What I want to write hear about is a quite unique exhibition which changes unimpressive and dull phone booths into pieces of art.

It is a matter of fact that many phone booths in the Czech Republic, and especially in Prague, are absolutely redundant all year round. They are nothing but hurdles in a way. What to do with them? Someone had a great idea – Let’s turn them into something beautiful, something that calls for attention! And so bunch of artists did as that person said. They changed completely 17 useless phone booths and made them attractive for people again.

This special exhibition takes place on Kampa Island till 25th of August. Whether you can still use those extraordinary phone booths for calling, I don’t know. And how to get to Kampa Island? It’s between Charles Bridge and tram station Ujezd (trams 6, 9, 22, 23). You don’t have to pay a thing to see this exhibition.

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