Love – Desire – Passion - Exhibition

There is an attractive exhibition now in Prague. The name itself is already appealing – it is called Love – Desire – Passion (Laska – touha – vasen in Czech) with a subtitle which specifies what visitors of this exhibition will see – the subtitle is Erotic Themes in 15th to 19th Century Art.

The exhibition takes place in exhibition spaces of the Clam Gallas Pallace in Husova Street and was prepared by Prague City Archives and National Gallery in Prague in cooperation with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

Love, desire and passions fascinate humans since the beginning of ages, some ways how those themes were depicted in European western culture from 15th to 19th centuries can be seen on the exhibition. The exhibition does not really try for some “higher intellectual aims” – as to come with new discoveries in the field of Art history. The main aim is to make an attractive event for visitors, who can enjoy beautiful pieces of Art, sometimes even quite provocative ones. Although, there are some pieces, which are exhibited on the public for the very first time, because of their provocative topic.

As love, desire and passion can exist in many different ways, love for example – a big difference between a lover of a mother to her child and a love of passion lovers. So the pictures shows love in many different situations as well. There is shown idealistic motherly and daughterly love (Charitas), famous stories of biblical and mythological love, but also moralizing genres and even erotic fantasies. All that with emphasis on the works of Italian, German, French, Dutch and Flemish masters. There are mainly paintings, but also some examples of other techniques – sculpture, drawing… and probably the most interesting for visitors – graphic. In the technique of engraving because of its intimate nature has always allowed more openness. There are to be seen for example works of British Artist named Aubrey Beardsley, who made very erotic illustrations to antique comedy Lysistrata (written by famous Aristophanes, the story is about women who decide to stop pleasing their men unlit they stop their fights). It is said that Beardsley did not want this illustrations to be preserved after his death, but they were and now you can enjoy watching them. Among other famous Artists whose works are exhibited on Love – Desire – Passion exhibition can be named Albrecht Durer, Fransisco Jose Goya de Lucientes or Joos van Cleve. And there is also a separate section which shows works done by Czech Artists of 19th century as Josef Manes, Vaclav Brozik, Vaclav Hynais and so on.

So if you feel for enjoying some culture and Arts in Prague, this might be a way you could like. The exhibition is opened from 29th of April until 31st of August 2008, daily, with the exceptions of Mondays, from 10 am to 6 pm. Entrance fee is 100 Czk full price and 50 Czk reduced. The Clam Gallas Pallace is situated in Husova Street number 20, it is in the city center, not far from Staromestska Metro station.

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