Czech Juggling Convention Prague

If you like juggling and street art, there are some good news for you. From 24th to 27th of July there is going to be 8th year of Czech Juggling Convention and Street Festival in Prague. It is, as organizers states, a big celebration of juggling, acrobatic, new circus and other street art forms. Not only Czech people will be performers, the event is international. It consists not of performances on streets of Prague, some workshops, but also evening programs, lectures and gala shows.

It was also announced, that this year the festival is focused on diabolo and contact juggling, fussion in between dance and juggling art and exploring of francophony juggling and also new circus scene. That sounds quite interesting, and juggling seems to be a good summer outdoor activity, so why not to get to learn something new about it.

More information about the project in English language is to be found here From what is written here it seems, that the program is still not much fixed, but on the other hand they ask those who would like to perform something to contact them, so maybe you still have a change even for this year…

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