Great advertising campaign of Czech non-alcoholic beverage in Prague

Kofola a.s. organized sampling of their tasty non-alcoholic beverage Kofola in the streets in Prague in summer 2006. This company produces non-alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic. The most famous drink Kofola is considered as well-known and favorite beverage among Czech customers.

kofola - If/When you love it/her nothing else matters Kofola used for their promotion a tram with logo of Kofola. This tram took people around Prague for free while hostesses were offering these people a refreshing beverage Kofola in the tram or at tram stops for free as well. There were also other people participating in Kofola promotion. These people were having in-line skates, and they were offering their beverage to the consumers in the streets of Prague. The aim of the promotion was to provide people with great refreshment during hot summer days, and it also worked as a reminder of this brand. They wanted to remind the customers of their great brand name Kofola, and they also wanted to remind of great taste of popular traditional Czech beverage. This promotion campaign succeeded because people started talking about Kofola tram and about company’s hostesses. Consumers started purchasing more Kofola as a refreshment during hot days. This campaign was also mentioned in newspapers.

The target group in this case were people who live in Prague. The aim of Kofola company was to provide refreshment during hot summer days to all age groups. The highest impact should Kofola have had on young generation – teenagers. Teenagers often prefer to drink beverages like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Kofola was trying to appeal as a cool beverage; therefore the company used the guys on in-line skates, so that this beverage would be perceived as a popular among teenagers.

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