Uncertain States of America – American Art of the 3rd Millenium is being exhibited in Prague

There is held an interesting exhibition called “Uncertain States of America” in Rudolfinum Gallery. It presents contemporary young American Art. The exhibition was prepared by Norwegian Art curators from Oslo. They did two years long research, which was aimed to search how contemporary artistic production of young American Artists looks like. The result of the research was the exhibition in the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern At in Oslo in 2005. Now in the cooperation with this Norwegian museum was prepared the exhibition in Rudolfinum, so also in the Czech Republic can be seen contemporary American Art, although it is not that up to date as it was in Oslo.

The artifact to be seen here are various – paintings, collages, sculptures, videos, assemblages and so on. They are mostly colorful and opulent, sometimes too much. When you entrance the first exhibit room, you will see sculptures full of glitters. One of them is naked man, others looks like flowers, but any of these are not what would you call nice – the feeling of the exhibits could be described as “strange”, and it will be some in all other rooms. There were only few exhibits I really liked. But the exhibition is worth of seeing, just to know what is going on in American Art right now. And some of the exhibits are quite funny, so you can have some laugh at least. Yes, but after you will see the exhibition, you probably will think, that contemporary American Art is pretty “uncertain”. Although it is hard to say how much adequate sample is exhibited here, but if you take in account that the choose took the curators two years…

The Rudolfinum Gallery is situated in Rudolfinum Building, which is at Palachovo Square, very close to both Staromestka and Malostranska Metro stations (both green line). The entrance to the Gallery is from Alsovo Nabrezi (from that side of the Rudolfinum which is by the river) and it is opened daily except Mondays from 10 AM to 6 PM. The exhibition is to be seen here until 24th of February 2008.

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