Do you want to learn Czech?

czech rep If your answer is: Yes, I do want to learn Czech! Maybe an experience of some other student could come in handy. Web published a guest-post, which is contagious with its enthusiasm. An American Michal talks about his studies of Czech:

If I had to choose my favorite Czech word, “pokoj” comes to mind immediately. With its double meaning of ‘room’ and ‘peace of mind’, it is, to me, the perfect example of why one should learn the language to know the culture.

Everyone has something he/she loves on Czech Language. I remember my own American teacher loving the word “šprt” (meaning a nerd) or “ufon” (meaning an alien, because he comes from the UFO) or “jezisek” (meaning baby Jesus who brings presents to kids on Christmas instead of Santa).

But Michal also talks about the dark side; evey language is somewhere difficult, in English it is about that 12 tenses; in Czech it is the endings: “Learning case endings (koncovky jsou moc tezky!) is a daunting task, almost depressing.” If you want to learn Czech, you can use any knowledge of Latin/Slavic/Romanian languages. If you don’t know any so called inflectional language, well, good luck!

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