Charles University in Prague

Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague “Learning is like a jigsaw puzzle. When you first lay the pieces out, it doesn’t make much sense. When you start to connect the pieces, you then begin to see how it all fits together”. These words were said by an anonymous writer long time ago. But this person exactly described the meaning of the word education. When you say the words Charles University you will describe the word education as well as the author of the mentioned quotation.

Charles University is a center of education in the Czech Republic. It is the oldest university in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest universities of the world. It was founded by the decision of The Church. In this case it was founded by the bull of Klement VI, certified in Avignon on 26 January in 1347.There were four faculties: the preparing faculty for liberal arts and continued faculties were the faculty of laws, medicin and theology. At The University there were four nations: The Czech, The Bavarian, The Saxon and The Polish.

In 1403 the teaching of John Wyclif was forbidden to distribute. In 1409 The King Václav IV. regulated the deciding powers of The Czech by The Kutnohorský decree. It had the effect that some professors left to the University in Leipzig.

Nowadays Charles University contains 17 faculties. Over 42,400 students study there and there are more than 4300 foreign students—750 of which study academic programs in English language.

Charles University aims to be recognized as a competitive research university on the world stage and stresses international cooperation with prestigious educational and scientific establishments. Charles University has entered into 450 bilateral contracts and 170 international partnerships with foreign universities.

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