Commemoration Day of victims of Communism

Milada Horakova In the Czech Republic, June 27 has been declared a day of remembrance in honor of the victims of communism. Why this day and not any other? Well, it is all related to the history and one exceptionally sad story of one incredibly strong woman.

On this day, in 1950, Milada Horakova, a Czechoslovak politician was executed by Communists because of a false accusation of treason and espionage. The trial of hers and her twelve colleagues was nothing but a show trial. It was broadcasted on radio and people were forced to listen to it when they had breaks; before every movie in the cinema there were short versions of the trial. The evilness of the regime didn’t stop at nothing and so there were even letters from little children petitioning for the death penalty for her!!!

In spite of efforts of famous names such as Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill or Eleanor Roosevelt, who asked for her life, Horakova was sentenced to death along with three of her colleagues, and hanged. She was only 49 years old.

She is regarded as a symbol of anti-Communist resistance for her firm and courageous stance during her trial. She was fighting for the truth till the very end although she had to go through some tough communist interrogations repeatedly. She was defending herself in front of the “judges” with her head held high even though she knew she was fighting windmills.

This monster trail was here for one and simple reason. Unfortunately for Horakova, somebody had to die so that people would be scared and obedient. And after her execution, they really were. For many years…

You can commemorate this terrible event when visiting the Memorial of the Victims of Communism in Petrin Hill. But think about all those other people who suffered or even died because of the communistic regime. There were many others like Milada Horakova and we shall never forget them.

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