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New building fot the Czech National Library – The Never Ending Story

... Jan Kaplicky with his Future Systems studio. Kaplicky, a Czech, who lives and works in London, won with ... notes on this topic here, on this website. ... right. They said that the winning project of Jan Kaplicky did not follow all the conditions of the ... but also British Edinburgh, but the architect Jan Kaplicky does not want it to be anywhere else. How this ... · 4819 days ago

Question of New Building of Czech National Library Still Opened

... System Studio of the famous Czech architect Jan Kaplicky, who currently lives in London. ... · 4985 days ago

Dispute about “Octopus” the New National Library by Kaplicky

... must have heard about the famous architect Jan Kaplicky and his concept of the new building for the ... of books increases for more than 56 000. Kaplicky’s project counted with new depositories ... other side there is the Old Town Square”, says Kaplicky. Now the possibility that this futuristic ... place it would be a new competition”, says Jezek. Kaplicky said he had no reason to move the building. It ... · 5117 days ago

Controversial Eye above Prague

... So it looks like the architect, Czech Jan Kaplicky, can be content since his main goal – to attract ... as well – seems to be accomplished. For Jan Kaplicky, his “octopus” is going to be his first building ... · 5284 days ago

The Battle of the Blob Goes On · 4953 days ago

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