Hostels and Backpackers in Prague

A good friend of young travellers and backpackers, the hostels in Prague are clean, comfortable and offer attractive accommodation prices.

Hostels open all year long offer more kinds of rooms. The more expensive and difficult to find are 2 to 3 bedded rooms.
More common are so called “dormitories”, rooms with a bigger number of beds, where guests can book either the whole room (4 to 9 bedded rooms) or just one or more beds from a room.
This kind of accommodation is addressed to those who don’t care much about the comfort but would rather save their money for something else.
Toilet facilities and kitchenettes are usually placed on the corridors on each floor of the hostels.

Hostels open just during the summer season have the advantage that offer a good price – comfort rate. Rooms are smaller than in a normal hostel and are usually 2-3 bedded.

Toilet facilities and kitchenette are on the corridors or could be shared by two rooms (they look like a small flat).
Even if the rooms are quite small and the hostels are situated a bit further from the city centre, summer hostels remain a choice if you don’t mind seeing also other places than the historical centre of Prague.

Furthermore, some hostels from the centre can be rated as one star hotels, therefore the price difference between a hotel from the centre and one at 10 minutes from the centre by tram or underground is substantial. Why pay double when the public transport is Prague is not only reliable but also easy to use and inexpensive?

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