Czechs at Olympic Games 2008

What do you think? How high are chances of Czech sportsmen and sportswomen at this year controversial Olympic Games in chinesse Peging? Well, they already got two gold medals. First one won Katerina Emmos, the shoterl. And shortly after her, another Czech – David Kostelecky won gold medal at shotting. It is pretty good score for the Czech Republic so far. But will the country be so succesful also in another Olympic competitions which will take place next days?

What about Roman Sebrle, the athlet, who won the gold medal at last Olympic Games in 2004 in Greek Athens? He flew to the Peging not in the best condition. But he might get better. In Athens, he was the only Czech, who got the gold medal. So this time, Czech Republic already has better score then four years ago. And the games just started. So maybe the country is going to be lucky this year.

But this year, taking place in communist China, where human rights are not really respected, Olympic games are not only about sports, but also about politics. Are some of Czechs going to protest agains the politics of China?

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