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Prague is wheelchair accessible, but lets’ admit it- the facilities are somewhat limited. Surface public transport, despite being efficient, is done mostly by tramways from 1960’s and buses from 1980’s. Prague Metro is better, even when not perfect. So we decided to prepare a list of public transport routes in Prague, which accommodate wheelchairs, to make travelling in Prague easier.

Metro stations with lifts, platforms, or direct entrances for Handicapped:

Metro A
Dejvicka, Muzeum, Strasnicka, Skalka, Depo Hostivar

Metro B
Zlicin, Stodulky, Luka, Luziny, Hurka, Nove Butovice, Smichovaske Nadrazi, Florenc, Vysocanska, Kolbenova, Hloubetin, Rajska Zahrada, Cerny Most

Metro C
Ladvi, Kobylisy, Nadrazi Holesovice, Vltavska, Florenc, Hlavni Nadrazi, Muzeum, Vysehrad, Pankrac, Budejovicka, Roztyly, Chodov, Opatov, Haje

List of Stations that are planned to be adjusted in the future: Hradcansky, Staromestska, Radlicka, Palmovka, Narodni Trida, Mustek, Roztyly, Opatov, Haje, Prazske Povstani

Wheelchair accessible buses, chosen (larger) station

Link l1
Chodov – Budejovicka – Pankrac – Prazskeho Povstani – I.P. Pavlova – Florenc – Namesti Republiky – Invalidovna – Rajska Zahrada – Cerny Most

Link l3
Zlicin – Hradcanska – Malostranska – Namesti Republiky – Florenc – Nadrazi Holesovice – Sidliste Dablice

Link 291
I.P.Pavlova – Detska Nemocnice Karlov – Apolinarska – Vetrov – U Nemocnice – Karlovo Namestli – U Nemocnice – Vetrov – Apolinarska – Na bojisti – Katerinska

Low Floor Tramways of Prague, Start and Final stops

1 Petriny – Spojovaci
2 Petriny – Cerveny Vrch
3 Levskeho – Lehovec
7 Sidliste Repy – Ustredni Dilny DP
8 Podbaba – Nadrazi Vysocany
10 Sidliste Repy – Sidliste Dablice
12 Sidliste Barrandov – Palmovka
14 Sidliste Barrandov – Vozovna Kobylisy
15 Vypich – Palmovka
19 Lehovec – Kubanske Namesti
20 Divoka Sarka – Sidliste Barrandov
24 Radosovicka – Kobylisy
26 Divoka Sarka – Nadrazi Hostivar

Those Buses and Tramways are guaranteed to be wheelchair accessible. The new Porche tramways that should replace all the 60’s ones are low floor, you nedd to check the wheelchair sign in the traffic order.

Check also Prague attractions accessible by wheelchair and sightseeing accessible for disabled.

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