Interesting houses at Ungelt

Ungelt is known nowadays especially for its culture and entertainment. You can find there Ungelt Theatre, Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club, Ungelt Hotel, restaurants, etc. There are, however, also other houses that deserve our attention.

House no. 639 – Granovskych Palace

If you walk from Tynska street, you’ll walk through the gate of Granovskych Palace. It was built in 1560 and the king Ferdinand I. gave this house to his loyal customs officer Jakub Granovsky of Granov. With its arcades and sgraffitoes this house is one of the most beautiful Renaissance building in Prague.

House no. 642 – At Black Bear

This house dates back to 1428. It got its name after a statue of the black bear in chains. Its facade is decorated by statues of St. Wenceslas, St. John of Nepomuk and Florian.

House no. 2 – Stradovych House

This Renaissance house, built in 1569, belonged to the Strads’ family. Katerina Stradova was a mistress of the emperor Rudolf II.

House no. 9 – Blue House

This house with well-preserved Gothic cellars was rebuilt after the fire in 1689 from three detached houses. In this house there is one of the original entrances to Ungelt, not used any more.

House no. 636 – Vrbnovsky (U Stupartu)

There is a gate with an initial L (probably representing king Leopold I.) going to Mala Stupartska street through this house. The house was very famous for its cafe U Komarku visited by Czech significant personalities Josef Kajetan Tyl, Frantisek Palacky, Pavel Josef Safarik and others. These men had an important role in the Czech National revival.

House no. 646 – U Sviku z Lukonos

Nowadays this large house serves as Hotel Ungelt.

House no. 630 – At Golden Ring

According to the legend, this house is called after a ring that a ghost lost during his marrymaking. Ungelt superstitious citizen found this ring and put it above the gate of his house to protect it against dark powers. Beer and wine used to be served here, nowadays it’s the seat of City Gallery Prague. Exhibitions are devoted to the art of 20th century [see also Golden Ring House].

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