A few more days in and around Prague

4th day: Karlovy Vary

Go West to a one day trip to Karlovy Vary, one of Czech Republic finest spas. Have a taste of the local hot mineral springs and enjoy the walk along the river Teplá (Warm), the beautifully coloured parks and richly decorated hotels and buildings.

5th day: Terezin and Prague

For the first half a day take a trip to Terezin, the biggest Concentration Camp built by the Nazi regime in the Czech Republic. Pay your tribute to the memory of the thousands of innocent people tortured and murdered there during the second WW.

Lunch can be arranged in Terezin, at one of the restaurants built nearby the Memorial especially for incoming tourists.

For the evening set out to Prague again, for a pleasant walk in the evening. For inspiration, try the second part of the 1 day itinerary, that is start at the Old Town Square, find your way through the “Royal Route”the-royal-route to the Charles Bridge, climb up the hill taking Nerudova Street and unveil the mystery of the Prague Castle by night.

6th day: Konopiste and Karlstejn

On this day we recommend a trip to two of the Czech republic most know castles. Some tour agencies offer this “combined” tour in one single day, but if you think it would be too tiresome and you would prefer to divide it into two different days and enjoy another nice evening in Prague instead, you can opt to visit each castle at its time.


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